Together with South Asia.

"Because annihilation is never justified."

“Because annihilation is never justified.”

Since its conception, Global Zero Notre Dame has been interested in collaborating with chapters across the globe; we believe the movement’s strength comes in large part from its international support.

This month, we are showing our support for the latest GZ South Asian initiative: the “Why Do You Fight For a World Without Nukes?” photo campaign.

In this campaign, students from India, Pakistan (and Notre Dame!) will write the reason they support the fight for a world free of nuclear weapons on their hand or arm, and add the picture to a shared album that will be viewed from Islamabad to Bangalore.

"Because I want my brother safe."

“Because I want my brother safe.”                                       photo credit to Jodi Hilton 

Reasons provided have included:

  • Because annihilation is never justified,”
  • Because there are better ways to waste our money,”
  • Because I believe in the sanctity of life” and
  • Because I want my brother safe.

Interested in joining our campaign? Share a photo to our Facebook page or email entries to


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