Meet Our Officers

Brenna Gautam, Co-president

  • Major(s)/Minor(s): History Major, Peace Studies Supplemental Major, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Studies Minor
  • Research Interests: Interethnic relations in Kosovo, nonviolent movements in Serbia, nuclear disarmament and outer space diplomacy.
  • Why Global Zero? “I became involved when I realized that Global Zero was the only multilateral movement for disarmament that factors in complications such as strengthening verification systems and bringing international players to the table. For me, I was attracted to the combination of this realistic approach with a bold, idealistic end goal.”
  • Goals for GZND: “I want to use GZND as a vehicle to reframe the entire concept of nuclear disarmament, both at Notre Dame and beyond. I also want to provide a platform that will help each chapter member excel in their various nuclear-related fields.”

Kathleen Schiavenza, Co-president

  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science Major, Peace Studies Supplementary Major
  • Research Interests: Nuclear and foreign policy, nonviolent social methods
  • Why Global Zero? “I became involved with Global Zero after learning of the issues that still surround nuclear weapons and the implication it has on our foreign policy. Although nuclear weapons in the US may not seem to be a threat to our national security, the same cannot be said for other countries. The need to disarm is real.”
  • Goals for GZND: “As a new club at Notre Dame, I hope to use this opportunity to establish our presence and inform people of the dangers of nuclear weapons and the solutions GZ has to offer. I also wish to get GZND interacting with other clubs not only in the US, but also with other international clubs.”

Chris Newton, SAO Officer

Elaine Lee, Treasurer

Erin Walters, Social Media

Brendan Rooney, Campus Media

  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Anthropology Major, Arts and Letters Pre-Health Supplemental Major, Science, Technology, and Values Minor
  • Research Interests: Medical Anthropology and Developmental Physiology
  • Why Global Zero? “I became involved with global zero after learning about the true danger of nuclear weapons.  Considering the health risks associated with nuclear exposure, along with the sheer amount of energy with the detonation of a warhead, its presence is both dangerous to the individual and entire societies.  The purpose of nuclear arms is mainly used to kill, and although its function can be argued to be for defense and mutually assured destruction, their power is too immense for humanity neither to contain nor to confront.”
  • Goals for GZND: “As a college chapter at a university that (based on political affiliation) tends to agree with the necessity of nuclear arms, I hope to get the word out of the opposing side of the argument, in order to force deeper thought and discussion on the issue. In our advocacy, I plan to see a larger group united in this movement not only nationally in the US, but also internationally, with a good force on policymakers to address this issue.”

Ralph Price, Secretary

  • Major(s)/Minor(s): Finance Major, Peace Studies Minor
  • Research Interests: International trade, monetary policy, equity and fixed income markets, nuclear policy and the Catholic Church, alternative nuclear energy.
  • Why Global Zero? “I got involved to understand nuclear weapons and how we can achieve a more advanced peacemaking environment.”
  • Goals for GZND: “To promote the dialogue outside of Notre Dame and to turn the Notre Dame Global Zero Chapter into the most knowledgeable and far reaching chapter in the country.”

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